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Opalescent Tear Drop Necklace

Opalescent Tear Drop Necklace

  • $25.00

Opal is used for centuries and people associate this gemstone with many different traits. It is believed that this stone promotes security, calmness, it is great for easing stress and depression. It is great for calming restless thoughts and mind. Wearing this stone will help you sleep better, ward away bad dreams and nightmares. It is especially beneficial for children that have imaginary friends or have troubles going to sleep.

Opal is one of the best stones of protection being an amazing shield against negative energy and negative thoughts. It is said that this stone can provide you with "the cloak of invisibility" when you don't want to be seen or noticed. This gemstone resonates with the Mother Goddess energy and is considered to be the best gift for pregnant women. It is a great stone for emotional support, often associated with eroticism, passion, love, and burning desire.

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