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Labradorite & Lava Rock Stone CZ's Bracelet

  • $65.00

Labradorite is a magical stone. It has a gorgeous iridescence in blues and greens that come to life in the light. Labradorite is so magical it enhances mediumistic abilities, and heightens intuition. It is a powerful yet calming stone, and opens the way for empathic behavior. Labradorite helps to lower blood pressure, keep colds away, and enhance self-esteem. It can help to open the way for a clearer vision of what has remained hidden. In fact, labradorite enhances all vision; that of the eyes and the Third Eye. With the help of labradorite, psychic information that comes through your dreams can be used to hone your natural abilities, and make it easier to share your gifts with the world. With its intricate detail of light, shine, and magic, labradorite is a favorite to use as a meditation tool.

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