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Brown Tigers Eye & Lava Rock Stone w/ Silver CZ's Bracelet

  • $55.00

Tiger’s Eye is a golden brown stone with a magical quality that is undeniable. It is a stone that is associated with the mind and allows you to see beyond the scope of your physical vision. It's a lucky stone, and is often a gift for those starting a new venture. The eye of the tiger means you can see all, and this stone enhances that ability. It promotes balance, and offers strength to get through difficult times. Since it helps to alleviate doubt, Tiger’s Eye can be an effective tool for decision making. It is a creative stone that offers vision and clarity. If you are in the midst of changes in your life, Tiger’s Eye can help ground you and allow you to see what you most need to do to succeed. It is connected to the earth, and for many, is a calming stone during meditation. Tiger’s Eye enhances the Third Eye Chakra, as well as support your solar plexus and life force.

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