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Blue Agate Quartz Geode Stone w/Silver CZ's Bracelet

Blue Agate Quartz Geode Stone w/Silver CZ's Bracelet

  • $65.00

Agate is an extraordinarily beautiful stone which comes in numerous colors and goes by many names such as Moss Agate and Blue Lace Agate. The most popular are polished stones and slices which resemble trunks of trees. This powerful stone promotes clarity, focus, and concentration. A memory booster, too! Agate is an excellent protection stone and is helpful for keeping one feel grounded and secure. Known as "The Stone of Balance," it can aid the healing of stomach issues including digestion and eating disorders. What begins in the mind is enhanced in the body, and with agate, the energy is multiplied. It is excellent for athletes and runners as it promotes agility and speed. This versatile stone is the official state gem of Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

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