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Opal Essence Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Opal Essence Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

  • $50.00

This Set includes a 8mm Opal Essence and Lava Rock healing bracelet, Sweet Orange and Peppermint Essential Oil with a Opal Essence pendant point necklace.

Opal is a traditional healing crystal that is used to strengthen the will to live and enjoy life. It is used to ease the pain of childbirth. It is an augmenting crystal that helps direct the energies of others. Some have used it for clearing the base and sacral chakras.

It promotes relaxations and has been used to cure headaches. It has long been associated with the eyes. It was called the Eye Stone by early Lapidaries in the Middle Ages. Placed on the eyes for a few minutes it is reported to ease the tension of eye strain.

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